Global Church Planting Sunday

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The Need

Did you know there are hundreds of millions of people who do not have a Christian church within reasonable traveling distance of their homes? There are thousands of unreached people groups who do not have a Bible or a single local church. Since 1970, the number of Christians worldwide has increased by one billion, an increase of 83 percent. Yet the number of new churches has increased by only 19 percent. Without a church, new Christians do not have a good way to fully experience new life in Christ, and many will drift away from God.

What is Global Church Planting Sunday?

Global Church Planting Sunday is a special service on the second Sunday in February every year, when churches around the world come together to celebrate and to focus on planting more churches. In 2013, Global Church Planting Sunday will take place on February 10. All churches can participate, regardless of size, denomination, or location, and all of the necessary materials are available for download, free of charge.

Can my church really make a difference?

Every church can be involved in the planting of new churches. Acts 2 tells us about the effectiveness of the first new church started in Jerusalem. The Apostle Paul planted cbd products throughout the Book of Acts. The starting of new churches is the biblical method of fulfilling the Great Commission. It does not matter how big your church is or where you are located. By praying, increasing awareness, raising financial support, and casting a vision for fulfilling the Great Commission, you and your church can make a difference! Here are some of the ways you can be involved:

  • Pray for church planting and the places where the church is not.
  • Raise awareness with your denomination or association, and with other church leaders.
  • Host a Church Planting Sunday any Sunday of the year. Learn more
  • Become a church planting trainer and train other church planters around the world. Learn more
  • Invest as little as a $1 per day to help new churches get started. Learn more

How can my church get involved?

It is easy for churches to get involved in Global Church Planting Sunday. A special downloadable kit has been produced to give your church everything you will need for this special Sunday. The free kit includes the following:

  • Planning guide with instructions and great ideas for your service
  • A customizable sermon
  • Sample sermons
  • Special music, complete with mp3 files, lyric sheets, and PowerPoint files with lyrics
  • A PowerPoint template
  • Promotional materials, a sample press release, and web graphics
  • Adult Bible study
  • Children’s lesson


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